CRIAA SA-DC has been working on a BioInnovation Project in Namibia, building on the results of an applied research conducted in 2019. The research evaluated the potential of Manketti products (fruits, seed, and oil) for further commercialisation and held a stakeholders’ restitution workshop in November 2019.

In January 2021, the project team conducted a workshop with the beneficiaries to present the findings and results achieved so far. The beneficiaries were encouraged to provide feedback on the project’s activities and suggest ways to improve the project’s implementation.

From February to March 2021, the project team focused on strengthening the capacity of the beneficiaries to manage the project activities independently. The team conducted training sessions on basic business management, record-keeping, marketing strategies, and sustainable harvesting methods.

The project has also been successful in establishing linkages between the beneficiaries and potential buyers of Manketti products, such as cosmetic and food processing companies. As a result, the beneficiaries have been able to generate income from the sales of Manketti oil, seeds, and fruits.

Overall, the project has been successful in improving the livelihoods of the rural communities in the project area through the sustainable management and commercialisation of Manketti resources.

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