Who We Are

The CRIAA SA-DC members and directors (as from the AGM of 2022) are:

Mr Benoît Allanic – geographer and urban planner, regional development consultant

Mr Jonas Chigariro -agric. eng., university lecturer (UNAM), processing, handling & storage consultant

Mrs Saskia den Adel -social anthropologist (MA), researcher, social & gender expert, M&E consultant

Mr Roger Gamond -technologist, small scale industry development consultant (retired)

Mrs Jennifer Gatsi -HIV/Aids & gender consultant, accredited trainer (UN), NWHN founding member

Mrs Lilja Itenge-Prieur -self-entrepreneur, formerly at UNESCO-Paris (Procurement)

Mr Michel Mallet -agric. eng., natural product value-chain & rural development consultant

Mr Mbazo Motlhaping -community developer, sustainably harvested devil’s claw (SHDC) trainer

Ms Daniela Neu -resource economics & environmental management consultant (MA)

Ms Peggy Poncelet -agronomist, grant director CEPF (Washington)

Ms Véronique Rossow -biochemist (MA2), expert in oils & fats in food, cosmetic and industrial applications

Former active members now engaged in Namibian governmental services (and who had consequently resigned): Mrs Frederika Amutse-Shigwedha (Ministry of Urban and Rural Development), Ms Monica Ntinda (Ministry of Veteran Affairs).

Organisational Structure

Namibia Registered Office: 22 Johann Albrecht Street, PO Box 23778, Windhoek

  • Executive Director: Michel Mallet
  • Deputy Executive Director: Saskia den Adel-Sheehama
  • Senior Consultant (agri-processing): Jonas Chigariro
  • Field Officer/Trainer (NCRs): Ndinelao M. Nambala
  • Finance & administration: Sibusiso (Busi) Sibanda
  • Bookkeeper: Michael Matange
  • Support Staff: Letisia Nafuka, David Ipinge

Namibia Women’s Health Network (NWHN):

  • NWHN Director: Jennifer Gatsi

Katutura Artisans’ Project (KAP): R&D, Technology & Service Centre owner & managed by CRIAA SA-DC

  • Sales: Paulina Ambondo-Ambinga
  • Workshop Technician: Thomas Ambinga
  • R&D/processing section: Helena Nambala
  • Contract worker (processing): Rehabeam Malulu (July-October)
  • Engineer: Jonas Chigariro
  • Internal audit: Busi Sibanda

Europe-based technical expert: Véronique Rossow

CRIAA SA-DC has a number of associate members who are not formally members of CRIAA SA-DC but have been closely associated with its work and share the objectives and values of the Association. They can participate in the network of the organisation and represent a pool of experts from whom the Association can draw from.  

Associate members:

Mrs Abigail Bachopi -community development and social worker, FHS coordinator

Mr Dave Cole -INP value chain expert and certification consultant

Mr Pierre du Plessis -multi-media, natural product value-chain and ABS expert

Mr William Hofmeyr -multi-media expert (MA)

Mrs Edwina Kuhlewind -community activist (Dordabis), NWHN founding member

Mr Kris Pate -IT and multimedia technology expert

Mrs Marianne Strohbach -vegetation ecologist