CRIAA SA-DC historical background and current organisational structure

CRIAA SA-DC was created in 1996 as the result of the restructuring of the French development NGO CRIAA (now closed down), the Centre for Research-Information-Action for Development in Africa, at its Paris head office and Southern Africa country branches. CRIAA SA-DC has secured the continuation of CRIAA’s activities in the Region and has developed into an independent Southern African development and consultancy service.

In the late 1990s, CRIAA SA-DC was actively involved in promoting community-based natural resource management in Namibia, which aimed to empower local communities to manage their natural resources sustainably through training and capacity building activities. The organization also worked to establish partnerships between communities and government agencies to protect their rights to land and resources.

During the early 2000s, CRIAA SA-DC continued to focus on natural resource management and sustainable agriculture in the region. The organization worked with farmers to introduce sustainable farming practices, such as conservation agriculture and agroforestry, to improve soil health, increase crop yields, and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. CRIAA SA-DC also provided training and technical assistance to farmers to help them adopt these practices and improve their livelihoods.

In the mid-2000s, CRIAA SA-DC expanded its activities to include advocacy and research activities. The organization conducted research on various topics related to sustainable development and natural resource management in the region and used this information to inform their advocacy efforts. They also participated in various national and international forums to raise awareness about these issues and advocate for policy changes that would promote sustainable development.

Since 2010, CRIAA SA-DC has continued to play an important role in promoting sustainable development in Southern and Eastern Africa. The organization has expanded its activities to include projects on climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and gender equality. They have also established partnerships with other NGOs, government agencies, and academic institutions to collaborate on research and advocacy activities.

In conclusion, CRIAA SA-DC has been actively working towards promoting sustainable development and natural resource management in Southern and Eastern Africa since its founding in 1986. The organization has expanded its activities over the years to include advocacy and research, and has established partnerships with other organizations to collaborate on projects and initiatives. Their work has had a positive impact on local communities, helping them to manage their resources sustainably and improve their livelihoods, and continues to be relevant and important today as the region faces new challenges related to climate change and environmental degradation.

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